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What is a collaborative divorce?

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2021 | Divorce |

Popular culture often presents drawn-out court battles between divorcing couples, and people watching such depictions might think the dramatizations reflect the average divorce. An alternative certainly exists for Minnesota residents. Divorce settlements could involve both spouses negotiating the terms of the dissolution. Settlements may provide an amicable way for the spouses to divorce and to divide assets.

Exploring the collaborative divorce process

Divorcing spouses may benefit from learning that a “collaborative divorce” is possible. Attorneys for both spouses could handle negotiations between the two. In some instances, negotiations may move forward without much controversy. One spouse may be perfectly willing to part with a business’ ownership in exchange for sole ownership of a house. Some disparities may exist about the amount of monthly spousal support, but things could end up working out. Ultimately, all divorce negotiations are unique, but many need not be contentious.

Interestingly, the collaborative process could involve accepting a temporary agreement. One spouse may agree to provide alimony for a set number of weeks in exchange for exclusive rights to live in a jointly owned property. The temporary agreements may lower tensions between the parties.

Dealing with disagreements

Mediation provides another way that divorcing spouses could address disagreements. Not everyone may remain on the same page regarding the division of assets and other terms, such as spousal support. Mediation allows a third party to serve as a guide between the two spouses to find a middle ground. Advice from a mediator could lead to both spouses coming to a previously elusive agreement.

Be mindful that mediation is not the same thing as arbitration. A mediator does not make a final decision nor a binding one. In many ways, a mediator presents advice and suggestions for the spouses to follow. If the spouses agree, then a more amicable settlement may occur.

Several potential benefits exist with a collaborative divorce. Spouses could save time and money while cutting down on stress.

A divorce attorney could assist spouses interested in negotiating a divorce settlement. An attorney may help clients work through disagreements.