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Make Divorce Meaningful For Your Goals

Separating from a spouse is a turning point in life – for both legal and personal reasons. While there are many interpretations about what divorce means for the future, it is possible to make the most of this change with skilled legal guidance.

You can trust Van Beek Law, LLC, to simplify the complications of divorce. As a longstanding attorney in Winona, I am deeply familiar with the local courts and laws that may apply to your case. My commitment to Minnesota families motivates me to pursue the best possible solutions in each divorce.

Advocacy For All Elements Of Divorce

I can advise you on critical aspects of the divorce process, such as:

  • Deciding whether your divorce agreement can be negotiated or must be litigated
  • Seeking temporary orders during the divorce process
  • Dividing property from the marriage
  • Determining child custody
  • Creating an effective parenting plan
  • Seeking spousal support and child support
  • Modifying a family law order after divorce

Divorces are complex, and preparing for a significant change in life can be intimidating. I aim to lower your stress along the way. My role as your lawyer is to protect you from risks and decisions that could harm your future, giving you strategies that further your personal goals.

Why A Results-Driven Approach Gives You An Advantage

If the only objective in a divorce is to formally separate from a spouse, it is easy to overlook several critical details that can affect your life. I work with clients to identify what matters most to them – whether they want to prioritize financial stability, relationships with children, safety, privacy or sentimental property.

Once I help you establish your unique priorities, I target specific outcomes to create a purposeful strategy. Divorce has many options, such as the decision to litigate or settle. I will give you key information so you can make choices that serve your end goals. If circumstances change during the process, I am ready to skillfully adapt the strategy.

Preparation Is Vital. Call Today.

If divorce may be in your future, it is important to begin planning as early in the process as possible. At Van Beek Law, LLC, I can guide you through the first steps that may happen months before divorce through its final phases. Send an email or call 507-299-2393 to schedule a divorce consultation to get clear legal answers.